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Lost & Found Applicattion

Personal Work (2022)

Thailand has a high rate of lost and unreturned items because no one is seriously interested in tracking or finding the owner. I recognize the importance of these items.

So I has designed this application to help the announcement find the owner or the tracking of things is easier and hope to help make this society better

Health Menu of Digital Co.

Digital Co (AIS) (2022)

This Ui design for Health business. Health is a part of Digital Co. Business. There're Retail, Food delivery, Banking, and other services in this Digital Co. business also.

Digital Co. can access from fisrt page of My AIS application saperate by each business of Digital Co.

CRA Vaccination Application Redesign

Personal Work (2021)

This is redesign artworks for CRA Vaccination in mobile application.
First Design used for CRA staff but in Tablet size so I adjusted size and design CI.

UI will easier to understand than old design.


Health Tech Team (AIS) (2021)

This CMS designed for CRA Vacinnation /Result Testing staff (Rajavidhayalai Chulabhorn). Staff can manage Vaccination / Result testing list from this CMS.

I design a managing ATK list menu. This menu have managing feature like Import, delete, searching feature.

CRA Vaccination Application for STAFF

Health Tech Team (AIS) (2021)

This application designed for our Partner CRA Vacinnation /Result Testing staff (Rajavidhayalai Chulabhorn).
Staff can register, check, assign Vaccine/Testing lot for registrant

This application developed during The Covid-19 Pandemic in 2021