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NEXTclan Verse




Ari innovation district


Ux/Ui Designer


January 2023- October 2023

What is the NEXTclan verse ?

Nextclan is a service that brings together various technologies and services such as blockchain, NFT wallet, Avatar, and Metaverse into a single integrated service.
Nextclan Technology will be integrated as one of the services in the Ari Innovation District project.
Nextclan Verse is a Metaverse, drawing inspiration from metaverse technology with digital currency and blockchain as its foundational elements.
The aforementioned technology will serve as the prototype for ARI Verse, a similar service designed to support the Ari Innovation District project. Anticipated to be operational in 2025, the system is expected to be launched for use.

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Our goal

  • Create an application that is easy to use.
  • Develop a metaverse with distinct styles.
  • Implement gamification.
    Playable on all devices.

After receiving the task to design a metaverse as a prototype for Ari Verse and as an illustrative example for the general public to understand the workings of this metaverse.


  • Blockchain
  • Ux/Ui Designer
  • Developer
  • Game Developer-
  • Business Analyst

Start project

After receiving the task, we began searching for references from other metaverses to determine which aspects we could develop based on each metaverse.
The team discussed UX, accessibility, visual style, as well as various use cases. Additionally, we sought to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each metaverse.

Understanding problem

  • Some metaverse brands have systems that are either too minimal or overly complex.
  • There is insufficient effort to attract users back.
  • Enforcement that is relatively challenging.
  • Limited accessibility restricted to specific device.

Product Discovery

The team has undertaken product discovery to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and potential business opportunities for the intended product.


  • Integrating gamification into the metaverse to create a positive user experience.
  • Creating a User Interface with Simplicity and Few Buttons.
  • Creating all Devices Responsive Application.

Create Style and story for Metaverse

My teammate and I have crafted the narrative of the Nextclan Verse and the stories surrounding various elements within Nextclan to enrich the gaming experience and add more dimensions.

I create the style of characters, such as fat or thin. “In addition, I also create artwork for NFT assets to be used in the metaverse.

Create User interface

After developing the Design System, my team and I, including another team member, have begun the process of designing the user interface.