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Flexidrive Animation

AIS (2022)

We have been tasked with creating a video to communicate the benefits and highlights of Flexidrive insurance for promotional purposes on the website.

Flexidrive is one of the insurance services offered by AIS Insurance Service. Flexidrive insurance is suitable for individuals of all ages who use any type of vehicle. This insurance allows you to adjust or activate/deactivate coverage according to your vehicle usage patterns.



Advance info service company




Storyboarder / Graphic Designer / Motion graphic designer


photoshop/ After effect/ Figma


February 2023- March 2023

Project Goal

  • To communicate and ensure that people have a mutual understanding of the E-waste application’s responsibilities.
  • Create awareness and provide knowledge about electronic waste.
  • Promote the company’s campaign.

After gaining a basic understanding of the insurance terms, start creating a storyboard. Then, sketch out the storyline on a storyboard roughly.


  • There are only three people responsible for the project.
  • There aren’t enough people creating artistic components.
  • Deadline is relatively tight.


  • Clearly dividing tasks and responsibilities.
  • Dividing the video production into segments for ease of future editing, especially when there are changes in the storyline.

Prepare the files for animation and use them to animate according to the design outlined on the storyboard.

Finished Video