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CRA Vaccination


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September 2021 -January 2022


CRA for staff’s tablet

The CRA Vaccine Team application is designed for vaccination team staff. This application will be installed on the staff’s tablets, allowing them to manage vaccination tasks more efficiently.

The result recording feature will help save time for personnel in manual documentation and facilitate the transform into digital documents for result notification.

Team mission

  • Reduce time and manpower in recording results.
  • Easy to use.
  • Notify results accurately.


  • limited human resources.
  • It’s a use case that has never been encountered before.
  • Must work efficiently and be highly effective within the specified timeframe.


The team discussed various flows and features, while also gathering data and use cases extensively.

Activity Diagram

The team has created an activity diagram for result collection, including business rules and various details, to facilitate the designer in designing wireframes and UI.

After obtaining the Activity Diagram, the designer then develops it into wireframes and flows.


  • It’s a new use case that has never occurred before.
  • Lack of team communication during the outbreak period.


  • Using it concurrently with studying use cases.
  • Collecting the maximum amount of information in each meeting.