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My Life+


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January 2022- january 2023



The term “Mylife+” is one of the services provided by AIS. The team aims to gather various health-related services, including products and various services, and compile them in a shortcut menu on the homepage of the myAIS application.


There is collaboration with the development and business teams, utilizing Scrum and Agile methodologies. Initially, the team discussed the user journey and ease of navigation throughthe menu.They collaborated to outline the user journey.

We continued discussing the possibilities within various use cases and held team discussions about different aspects, including those related to business partners and stakeholders.

Following that, the UX/UI designer took the requirements and addressed them, creating rough wireframes. These were then presented to the team for confirmation and further discussion.

Our goal

  • Easy access to the Health page directly from the homepage.
  • Purchase and use services with just a few clicks
  • Transform the UI style and color palette to be lively and youthful.


  • There are some technical challenges that have led to the necessity of removing certain features. Additionally, there are aspects that haven’t been implemented exactly as per the initial design.
  • Due to constraints with team members and limited time, there have been intricacies and challenges that needed to be addressed.
  • Discussions were held with several teams and the designer responsible for the Design System. This was necessary to adjust the design to align with the main theme of Digital Co.
  • Additionally, we have adjusted the color scheme in the Health section to align with the theme of Digital Co.

This is the UI designed to align with the theme of Digital Co.


  • We addressed the issue with the shortcut menu by relocating the shortcut section under the profile on the homepage.
  • We addressed the issue with the main partners collaborating with AIS by featuring their products on a Product Highlight card, easily accessible from the Health homepage. 

What I learned

  • I have learned about teamwork.
  • I have learned about UX, CX, and how to design to meet business requirements.
  • learned more about design system, significantly enhancing my skills.

Final UI design